Do you dream of owning your own business? Having money to pay for your studies? Saving money to build a house when you are older? BubbleWave can teach you every day things that you can do to get started!!!

BubbleWave is a game which helps players learn every day ways to save money. It increases the player’s knowledge of money management and teachers easy to do things and techniques.

The goal of the game is that players learn to achieve financial freedom by implementing the things they learn at the end of each level of the game. At the end of each level of the game, the player is presented with financial information snippets.

”By simply saving 10.00 a day, you will have 3,650 saved by the end of the year”

Download now and start to think like rich people. Use your hard earned money wisely to get financial freedom.

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Play and advance through different levels of the game by using your bubbles to catch fish. Like life where you have a limited amount of money to achieve your goals in life, there are a limited number of bubbles that you have at each level to use to catch the fish. If you manage to catch all the fish, then you move to the next level of the game.


Our Amazing Team

Collins Nkambule

Graphic Designer/Developer

Enock Mothiba

Business Analyst/Developer

Mokhethi Lefatsa


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